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I'm Nic and I use she/her pronouns. I am a fierce activist, feminist, advocate and content creator, living and working on land owned by the Gadgial People of the Eora Nation, in Sydney, Australia. 

My work is primarily focussed on disrupting the dominant discourse around weight and bodies, and challenging the ways in which certain types of bodies are both idolised and idealised. I've spent a good three decades living in a fat body, so I've experienced first hand the absolute soul crushing occurrence of ongoing anti-fat bias. The ways in which this world demonises, vilifies and arbitrates fat bodies is simultaneously unbelievable, and unsurprising. Fat bodies are continuously positioned as less than, as undesireable, as unworthy, or unloveable. It is my aim to push back against all of this. To fight back against all of the bullshit that swims inside most of our psyches. I put my body on the line, not only to defend fat people's rights to exist safely, peacefully and unapologetically in the bodies we have, but also to disrupt the status quo. 

I believe wholeheartedly in the value of lived experience and the fact that when it comes to learning about the experience of weight stigma and anti-fat bias, it's best through the lens of somebody who actually experiences this first hand. I also truly believe in the notion of having lived experience at the forefront of traditional approaches to mental health, eating disorder recovery and fat activism. 

I also use my lived experience of an eating disorder to inform so much of my work. Unless you have truly experienced an eating disorder in a fat body, you cannot truly understand the complexities and nuances of what it means to create safe, weight inclusive, trauma informed, anti-oppressive and social justice based approaches to treating eating disorders.

Prior to settling in this niche area of lived experience and peer support, I worked for 10+ years in numerous different mental health settings, working with both adults and young people. I provided clinical leadership to fellow staff members, as well as focussed interventions in both a government and non government mental health service. I'm a social worker and counsellor by trade, but have decided to park these aspects of my career and focus more on the value of lived experience; the TRUE teacher. 


To create a world where fat bodies are seen, heard, accepted, loved and believed. To foster an ongoing commitment to reducing the inequities that folks who occupy multiple marginalised identities face. 

I aim to use my platform to advocate for a more fair, just and equitable world for folks in fat bodies, who occupy multiple marginalised identities, and who have faced significant trauma solely because of the identities they hold. I want to see a seismic shift in the ways society views fat bodies; instead of viewing us as a burden, I want society to see us as our authentic, unapologetic, powerful selves. I acknowledge my part in this process, and also want to empower others to join the fight. 

Diversity, inclusion, social justice, anti-oppressive practice, trauma informed care, equitable access to resources, existence without the threat of vilification or demonisation. I don't take these things lightly. When I say thatI am focussed on creating a fairer, more just world for folks who occupy multiple marginalised identities, I mean it. I want to foster ongoing converstions that aim to dispel stigma and aid in creating a world where anybody, irrespective of their race, gender, sexuality, ability, body size, or religious beliefs feels seen, heard and respected. It is so important to me to provide intentional ways to grow in our understanding and support of others. 

"Difference is a teacher. When we fear difference, we learn nothing"

Hannah Gadsby

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