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Thank you so much for downloading this guidebook. I really hope that you find its contents helpful and thought provoking. This is, by far, my most meaningful and personal project to date, with so much of my heart being poured on to every page.


Please take what you need from the contents of this guidebook. It has been designed so you can dip in and out of its pages. It has also been designed with both active participation in mind, as well as content to serve as both reminders and reflections.


If you work with folks who have ever experienced an eating disorder, or a relationship with food, movement and their body that has been fraught with shame, I hope you'll find much of this useful. If you’re someone with lived experience and have ever worked with a support team and felt as though you weren't getting anywhere, or achieving the 'goals' that had been set for you, I hope you'll find this guidebook useful. If you've ever heard the words 'treatment resistant' or 'non compliant,' I hope you'll come to learn that you are not to blame. If you have ever grappled with wanting to reject the deficit model of mental health and illness, I hope you'll find the reflections here helpful.


Most of all, though, I really want to remind you that bodies are not a problem that needs to be solved. Ever.

The Fat Positive Practice Guidebook - Lived Experience

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